Sign up for the Daily Readings by E-mail

Saturday, 8th December 2018
Just in time for starting the daily readings cycle again in the new year, you can now get daily emails on the daily Bible readings from the CIL website! The Daily Readings and Daily Readings Exhortations can be received, daily, by email (along with the existing weekly notifications email).  This is available if you update your account on the website (or when registering on the site).  

The CIL on Social Media

Saturday, 1st December 2018

We have had a presence on Facebook and Twitter for some time, but we have recently updated these so that the links to the latest CIL articles, the daily readings and exhortations that may relate to the daily readings are posted to our pages on these social networks.  The links will bring you back to the CIL Website to see the full article.  If you are on these social networks, please follow us!