CIL Meet: Zoom, Teams and Google Meet all available at no cost to your ecclesia!

Thursday, 21st October 2021

CIL Meet is our live stream service provided for Christadelphian Organisations & Ecclesias.  The service uses either Zoom, Google Meet or Teams accounts and provides a simple access mechanism to run meetings using these accounts.  You can also use the accounts directly as well!

Each Organisation / Ecclesia has a page on CIL Website and on their page they have at least one meeting Room.  Once the Room is accessed the meeting is started for the day and the meeting opens in the usual Zoom, Google Meet or Teams app. 

We’ve recently updated CIL Meet and these are the features now available:

  • Free phone dial in (from almost anywhere in the world)
  • Simple access to a meeting using a portal & access key ( once the room has started.
  • Easily manage who can access your meetings.
  • Use the same link for all your meetings (on or
  • Automatically starting rooms (you set the time and the days the room is to start)
  • One-click streaming to YouTube (from Zoom only, YouTube stream is accessed via an easy to remember link on the portal which can be provided in advance)
  • All this in addition to the usual features found in the meeting apps (chat, screen sharing, whiteboards, breakout rooms, etc).  We use Zoom licenses with Language Interpretation available, so you can include live translators in your meeting.

The maximum number of participants in a meeting is 500 in Google Meet, 300 in Teams, and 300 in Zoom (with 100,000+ view only via YouTube streaming).

Currently we have 43 ecclesias or organisations using the platform and so far this year we have hosted 1,853 meetings with a total participant minutes of 1,642,725 and a total count of 25,197 participants.

CIL Meet is provided free of charge to central Christadelphian organisations and ecclesias and you can find out more and request a room here: