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Recent articles

Joshua and the Five Kings (Part 1 of 2)

Monday, 3rd May 2021

Put yourself in the Canaanites’ place. An invasion was coming. The news could hardly have been worse, and naturally, they were terrified. They had a choice; do nothing, and wait for certain destruction, or seize the initiative and strike first. There was a problem; Canaan wasn’t a single country – it was a series of little city-states which generally got along with one another reasonably well. Egypt was the superpower of the time, regarding itself as in charge of the whole region, but it didn’t interfere too much.

God’s Unseen Work in Our Lives

Sunday, 2nd May 2021

Readings: Deuteronomy 19; Ecclesiastes 11; Acts 10

In the Acts of the Apostles the phrase “the way” is often used of the path of a believer to God’s Kingdom. In Acts 9:2 (AV) Saul sought to persecute any of “this way”, which is later described as “the way of salvation” (16:17), “the way of the Lord” (18:25), “the way of God” (18:26). A moment with a concordance will show a number of other similar uses in the book.

“The Life of Jesus”

Saturday, 1st May 2021

Reading: Mark 1                                                          

Though we count time from Jesus’ birth, we don’t know his birth date. It was late in the reign of Herod the Great who died in 4 BC, so Jesus was born around 6 BC. The time of year is not known. 25th December, originally a pagan festival, was grafted onto Christianity many years later. We know that Jesus did not go to university, wrote no books, accumulated no wealth, and we are not sure where he was buried. This suggests someone insignificant, a low achiever. But 2,000 years later, Jesus has 2.3 billion followers.

“Not as the world gives …” Part 2 of 2

Monday, 26th April 2021

In Part 1 we asked the question, ‘What did the Lord Jesus mean when he said that he gives peace but not as the world gives?’ And we pointed out that it is the act of giving rather than what is given that is different. Having looked at similarities between John 14 and Leviticus 26, we noted how, within his discourse recorded in John 14,15, Jesus said he gives his love, his joy and his peace. Beginning with love (agape as opposed to phileo), we suggested it is not something that enters our lives from without, but is something we should be cultivating as part of the fruit of the spirit.

What Will You Give

Sunday, 25th April 2021

Readings: Deuteronomy 10-11; Ecclesiastes 4; Acts 1

Some time ago a speaker at my ecclesia directed our thoughts to the lost and found aspect contained in Luke’s gospel. I would like to re visit the record of Luke as a means of exhortation today. There is, of course, so much to ponder, but it struck me that one of the aspects discernible in those readings were the following questions: -

CIL Recordings Library Updates

Thursday, 22nd April 2021

There are over 4,800 recordings of Exhortations, Lectures, Studies and more that you can listen to either on the website, or download (or in a few cases watch).  We can even send them to you on CD (or cassette tape!).  The recordings are from a wide range of speakers which you can discover these recordings here: https://www.isolationleague.org/recordings

We've just uploaded 40 recordings that were submitted for review last year, you can find the recent updates here: https://www.isolationleague.org/recordings/recent.  This update noteably includes an exhortation entitled "It's not fair" by bro John Mitchell and the recordings of bro Bob Lloyd on the theme 'If God be for us' from the West Birmingham Youth Weekend in 1996.

“Not as the world gives …” Part 1 of 2

Monday, 19th April 2021

Reading: John 14

There are, no doubt, many passages in the Bible that we can read and perhaps gain a basic understanding, get the general idea of them, without necessarily having a full appreciation of what they really mean. This is surely one of the wonders of the Scriptures; that we can gain sufficient understanding for salvation, from a fairly simple reading of the words, whilst there is also much treasure to reward diligent study.

Take Ye Away the Stone

Sunday, 18th April 2021

Readings: Deuteronomy 1; Proverbs 28; John 11

The Signs of the Times

We often hear the phrase, ‘the signs of the times’; but why? Is it because we are so eager for the coming of our anointed Messiah and the establishment of the Kingdom; the throne of David established once again in Mount Zion? Do we look for signs that this is about to happen? Is the phrase and the events we think it applies to, a scriptural phrase? Of course, it is, they are uniquely the words of the Master recorded in Matthew 16:1-4:

Our Journey


Whatever the difficulties we have, we should never give up as God will help us.  He knows our end, and he wants no one to fail.

Hymn 116   Reading John 11   

Memorial Service recorded for Olivet by Kinver for 18th April 2021.

These recordings have been provided for the residents of Olivet during lockdown as it is not possible for normal breaking of bread services to be held.  Consequently this is a shorter memorial service to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters at the home.  There is one reading, a short exhortation and hymns are played during each of the emblems.

A different ecclesia produces the recording each week with a small number of brethren from that ecclesia, and where possible these are shared on the CIL Recordings Library so more may benefit from this service.

The ‘Bread of God’ John 6

Monday, 12th April 2021

Teaching his disciples to pray, Jesus said: “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:9,10). That simple but profound prayer focusses for the most part on high ideals, but also advises that we should ask for daily sustenance as well. But even this plea for the necessary physical food inevitably carries with it mighty spiritual overtones.