The CIL on Telegram

TelegramThe Isolation League is now posting the Daily Bible Readings, the latest Exhortations, Bible Studies, Lectures and other updates to Telegram.  This is a great facility to easily get the Bible and the CIL Material into your daily news feed! 

We have set up four channels:

  1. CIL Daily Bible Readings: - the KJV text of the 3 daily reading's portions are posted here, every day at 7:00am GMT.   
  2. CIL Daily Exhortations: - at 8:00am GMT links to any exhortations for that day that have been previously made available on our website are posted to this channel.  
  3. CIL Updates: - links to new CIL articles (title and first paragraph) are posted here.  You then tap on the link to go to the website (log in if you haven't already) and access the article.  This will include the Exhortation and Bible Study each week, and the Lecture each month, along with any other updates posted to our website.  These are posted to the Telegram channel at 9.00am GMT.
  4. برنامه مطالعه روزانه: - قرائت روزانه کتاب مقدس به زبان فارسی
    The Daily Readings in Persian. These are posted to the Telegram channel at 7.00am GMT.


TelegramTelegram ( is a very popular messaging app, a great alternative to WhatsApp.  In Telegram you can follow a channel without your contact details being shared with everyone else on the channel.  As Channel owners, the CIL can see who is following the channel, which may include your mobile number (depending on your Telegram settings)