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The chief object of the Christadelphian Isolation League is the spiritual welfare of the Brethren and Sisters and their children worldwide, who are isolated from their Ecclesia, by distance, ill-health, advancing years or by any other cause.


The services offered by the CIL for Christadelphians are:

  • Regular Correspondence
  • Sunday School Lessons and Magazines
  • Weekly Exhortations
  • Monthly Lectures
  • Weekly Bible Study Papers
  • Braille Magazines, Books and Correspondence
  • Support for the Profoundly Deaf
  • Newsletter
  • Recordings Library
If you are a Christadelphian you can request any of these services by contacting us, or by registering and logging in to this site to make use of the online materials we have provided.
If you are not a Christadelphian and want to find out more about the Christadelphians please go to these sites:


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The Christadelphian Isolation League is a registered charity. The Charity number is 242098

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