Coronavirus: ongoing support provided by the CIL

Monday, 2nd November 2020

The Christadelphian Isolation League (CIL) is there to help should you be isolated from your ecclesia for any reason, whether that is distance or health, or (as many of us are experiencing) lockdowns due to the present situation.  Our support and services are requested on your behalf by your ecclesia, and include providing you with regular exhortations, bible studies and lectures.  This material can be sent by post, and is also available on our website.

A magazine is sent out three times a year to all recipients, and to many UK ecclesias.  In addition to this we provide support to the blind and partially-sighted by providing material in braille and large print.

We also run a Sunday School by post where a teacher will send lessons to your children and they will send their answers back.  In addition, Youth Activities such as our Youth Week and Youth Week Reunion are run every year to support our young people who are in isolation and in small ecclesias.

A Recordings Library containing over 4,000 recordings of exhortations, studies, gatherings (and more!) is maintained.  These recordings can be sent to you by post, or downloaded from our website.  You will also find the audio and video recordings of hymns to download and listen to from our website.

Your ecclesia can easily use our CIL Meet live streaming platform to provide you with online and free phone access to their services, which can now be extended to visitors / contacts (via YouTube or Google Meet).

You can contact us via the website, our other contact details are also in the CALS Diary.