CIL Meet Update

Friday, 24th April 2020
CIL Meet

Re-broadcast to YouTube and other Live Stream Services!

CIL Meet is our livestreaming solution build specifically for Christadelphian Ecclesias and Organisations which can be used anywhere in the world (as long as you have a good internet connection).

It is private as the CIL Meet Rooms are only available when you log on to the CIL Website.   However this has also been a limitation in that many ecclesias also want to broadcast their services to contacts and friends who cannot have log in access to the website.  This is now possible through a new feature called re-broadcasting!

Your CIL Meet Room can be set to automatically send the video and audio footage (not the participant list or chats) to up to 5 other livestream services (anything that supports the RTMP protocol) all at the same time as publishing from your CIL Meet Room.  This will enable you to share the output of your Meet Room outside of the CIL website, to contacts and interested friends, should you want to.  This feature works with YouTube, and should also work with Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, Wowza, Dacast etc.  You can set the layout of the re-broadcast video to be presentation focused or people focused and you can set the resolution of the re-broadcast video depending on the capability of the service you are using. 

All of this is provided free of charge to Christadelphian Ecclesias & Organisations (in central fellowship) as it is fully funded by the CIL.

More information can be found on the re-broadcasting documentation.