Coronavirus: support offered in isolation

Thursday, 5th March 2020

As the current situation with Coronavirus seems to be worsening, and we are hearing of more brethren and sister having to isolate themselves to try and prevent the spread, the time seems right to remind brethren and sisters of the services that the CIL can provide to those who are in isolation.  There are many ways in which the Isolation League can help:

  • Via the CIL web site ( there is access to Exhortations and Bible Studies.  These are updated weekly and Lectures are provided each month, as well as all the articles going back nearly 20 years.  Alongside this we host a vast archive of recordings of talks. 
  • The Exhortations, Lectures and Bible Studies are also available via our daily feeds to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp along with the Daily Readings for the day. To receive any of these please sign up to the Website and follow the relevant links.
  • CIL Meet is a service which allows ecclesias to live stream meetings in a secure environment. To set up a ‘meeting room’ for your ecclesia, to be able to stream services with selected users, please see
  • Offline, we can provide the Exhortations, Lectures, Bible Studies, Sunday School lessons, and Recordings Library on CD and Tapes by post.

You can contact us via the website, our other contact details are also in the CALS Diary.