The Daily Bible Readings in 2021

Thursday, 31st December 2020
Reading the Bible

As we go into 2021 it is time to start the Daily Bible readings plan from the beginning again.  There are some great tools available to help us with this, here's a list!

CIL Daily Readings Page:
You don't have to be logged on to the website to get today's bible readings (or navigate to any other day).  The KJV text is available on the page as well as the CIL Daily Bible readings audio recordings (converted from tape recordings dating back a few years now).  This page also lists Exhortations that were sent out on this day in previous years as these might relate to the readings.  There's also a link to the comments on for the day.

Daily Readings Podcast:
Get the audio and text on your favourite service / device / podcasting app so you can listen to the daily readings on the move!

Daily Readings on Facebook:
Get the readings posted into your daily feed.

Daily Readings on WhatsApp:
The daily readings are posted to a WhatsApp group automatically every day.

Daily Readings on Twitter:
Follow us on twitter to links to the daily readings.

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