Google Meet Pilot

Tuesday, 11th August 2020

Google MeetGoogle Meet integration with our live streaming service, CIL Meet, is now available as a pilot.  

Google Meet is an enterprise-grade video conferencing solution that we have chosen to offer as a type of CIL Meet Room as it meets our privacy and security requirements and can easily be integrated with the CIL Website.  

By making this part of the CIL Meet offering, we benefit from the same simple access management and setup within CIL Meet with a video conferencing solution that works better on all devices and is supported by a massive organisation that is continuing to develop their product.

CIL Meet Rooms can still be the classic ‘Broadcast’ or ‘Discussion’ type, we now have an additional type of ‘Google Meet’ that CIL Meet Room owners can choose to use for their room.

More information on how to update your CIL Meet room to integrate with Google Meet is available here.

Up to 250 people can participate in a Google Meet room, sharing webcams, audio, screens and chat.  Phone dial in is available, integrated with the CIL Meet freephone dial in numbers.

Google Meet supports iPhones / iPads much better than classic CIL Meet, with mobile apps being available, and the Meet rooms can still be recording (third party streaming is not currently available).

Google have more features coming soon, for example Changing/Blurring Backgrounds, Hand Raising, Polls, Q&A, Breakout Rooms and Whiteboard integration.  The integration pilot will run to Sept 2020.